4350MR Temperature Test Chamber

  • Temperature can easily be set, stepped, and slewed
  • Multiple user-defined temperature tables can be stored in memory
  • Full 20-character by 4-line alpha/numeric display and keypad
  • Actual measured temperature displayed
  • Failsafe sensor with easily set limits
  • Over-temperature sensor protects against thermal run-away
  • Remote operation via IEEE-488 bus or RS-232C communication link
  • TTL I/O lines for remote device control


Temperature Range: - 55° to +150° C
Rate of Temperature Change:
10° C / minute
Stability: ± 0.10° C (including effects of line voltage, ambient temperature between 15° and 45° C, and aging)


  • Resistance of platinum resistance sensor converted to digital values
  • Internally stored mathematical polynomials convert digital values to temperature
  • Calibrated digitized temperature compared to user-set temperature
  • Six-point calibration provides greater accuracy


  • Windows, feed through cabling, edge-card connections, or cable ports customized to user specifications


Voltage: 190-250 VAC, 3 Phase, 50-60 Hz, 7.0 KVA maximum
Dimensions: Inner Chamber:
12.00 inches wide (30.5 cm)
12.00 inches deep (30.5 cm)
8.00 inches high (20.3 cm)

Chamber with 7220MR Chassis:
22 inches wide (55.9 cm)
38 inches deep (96.5 cm)
47 inches high (41.9 cm)