Calcium Fluoride (CaF2)

Roditi offer high-purity Calcium Fluoride material for a range of Laser, IR and UV applications.

The wide transmission range, refractive index homogeneity and high laser-damage threshold make CaF2 ideal for eximer laser products. Optical components for UV, through visible and infrared benefit from high durability to normal atmospheres and CaF2's low solubility and its resistance to reagents. Laser components, from lenses and windows, to beam-steering prisms and mirrors are offered in high-purity Calcium Fluoride material.

Roditi's optical CaF2 material is single-crystal optical quality, fabricated to order.

Substance Form Diameter Range Thickness Range Transmission Range (µm) Standard Surface Finish
Calcium Fluoride Single Crystal 5mm - 300mm 1mm - 50mm 0.15 - 7.00 Fine Ground / Optical Polish

Material Properties

Transmission Range 0.15 - 7.0 microns
Internal Transmission >99.5% from 193nm to 7µm
Refractive Index Homogeneity Range 3 to 15ppm @632.8nm PV
Bubbles & Inclusions 1/1 x 0.050 (typ.)
Stress Birefringence Range 0.5nm/cm to 15nm/cm @632.8nm
Crystal Orientation <111>, <100> or Random
Density 3.18 gm/cc
Melting Point 1420°C
Poisson Ratio (µ) 0.260
Knopp Hardness 158.3 Knoop
Crystal Structure Cubic
Young's Modulus [GPa] 75.8
Shear Modulus [GPa] 33.77