Bismuth Germanate (BGO)


Bismuth GermanateManufactured by Oxide Corporation in Japan, BGO single crystals are a superior electro-optic medium for voltage sensors. BGO features low SAW velocity and an absence of ferroelectricity for SAW devices (delay lines).

  • Crystalline structure: Cubic system
  • Density: 9.2g/cm³
  • Dielectric constant: e11:38
  • Piezoelectric: e14=0.938 C/m²
  • SAW velocity: 1.681 x 103 m/s
  • Coupling constant: 0.0068
  • Temperature constant of SAW: 120x10-6/K
  • Electro-Optic coefficient: r41=3.1 x 10-12 m/V at 850nm

With its high electro-optic coefficient BGO is also useful in non-linear optics, in Pockels cells for example, and can also be used for photorefractive devices in the UV range. BGO is also widely used as a scintillator crystal, with photons in the visible region being produced when the crystal is subject to high energy gamma rays.

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