Insert Carrier for Semiconductor Wafer Processing

The insert carrier features an exclusive design and specially formulated materials that work in unison to protect the edge profile of a wafer while providing the strength and durability of a traditional steel carrier. We supply carries fabricated from high quality steel that has been uniquely prepared to create a lasting bond with the plastic that is moulded into each work hole. This type of carrier is commonly used for processing 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, and 300 mm silicon wafers.

Our insert carriers (wafer workholders) are manufactured for a wide variety of double-sided lapping and polishing machines including: P.R. Hoffman, Speedfam, Peter Wolters AG, Spitfire, Norton, Fujikoshi, Lapmaster, Carlan, Melchiorre and others.

If you have a drawing or sample planetary lapping or polishing carrier you are currently using, we can design and manufacture an insert carrier for you.

Insert carriers are available in a variety of materials and thickness' suited to the semiconductor industry. If you are processing high value wafers from 100 mm to 300 mm, we can custom engineer an insert carrier to meet your needs.