Natural Quartz Crystals

For certain Optical and SAW applications where the need is for Quartz substrates with very large dimensions or extremely high Q-values not currently grown in autoclaves, we can provide natural raw material up to 100 kilos+ per stone.

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Whilst we stock some larger stones in London and in our warehouse in Rio de Janeiro, there is, of course, limited availability of such stones, however, given reasonable advance notice, we can usually obtain suitable material.

Tourmaline Crystals

This material is only available as a natural stone and usually with very variable quality. Material to yield up to 50 mm diameter can be obtained relatively free from stress and cracks. The larger the stones, the lower the quality tends to be.


Although the use of natural Calcite in polarisation prisms has greatly diminished, there is still a requirement for good-sized pieces in clear, stress and strain free quality. We carry limited stocks of this material and require some notice for any exceptionally large size or quantity.

Crystals with Piezo-Electric Properties

Are you missing good vibrations?
When Madame Curie discovered the piezo-electric effect, her findings revealed that applying mechanical or electrical forces to certain natural crystals and "awakening" them, would cause their emitting vibrations which transmit and receive signals at calculable frequencies. This discovery has revolutionised communications. In antiquity this phenomenon was already well known and although not its physical significance, the emission of "good" vibrations was considered to be highly beneficial for our overall health.

Nothing has changed since then. The crystals and their physical properties are still the same and today, when faced with many incureable or chronic ailments which defy conventional medical knowledge, many look to natural remedies.

Whilst we are not suggesting that natural crystals are any kind of panacea, we feel that having such a crystal in our environment will certainly do no harm whilst being very decorative in addition.

We can supply natural Quartz in the shape of growth clusters, spheres, ingots or shaped to your specification. For Quartz or any other natural piezo-electric crystals, please ask us.