Birefringent Crystals

Roditi supplies a wide range of birefringent crystals including yttrium vanadate (YVO4), calcite, α-BBO, alpha Barium Borate (α-BaB2O4), lithium niobate (LiNbO3) and quartz. These crystals are widely used in beam displacement optics, polarisers (such as Glan-Taylor, Glan-Thomson, Wollaston etc.), optical isolators and so on.

The choice of crystal will depend on which features the user needs for a particular application and how the crystal will match that requirement:

YVO4 has favourable temperature stability along with excellent physical and mechancial properties. Calcite is difficult to obtain in high optical quality because of its susceptibility to moisture ingress and it also has low hardness, making it susceptible to scratches. LiNbO3 has a comparatively small birefringence but its physical properties are comparible with YVO4. α-BBO has a very broad transparency range, from around 190nm to 3500nm, and is especially suitable for high power and UV applications.