Crystal Test Fixtures

(for leaded, SMD, and crystal blank applications)

Leaded Device Test Head

  • Measurement heads for leaded devices contain a simple test socket
  • Crystal leads fit into separate contact ports
  • PI Network test fixtures conform to IEC-444 standards
  • Available fixture impedance includes 12.5 Ohms, 50 Ohms, and 750 Ohms
  • Proprietary 1000K Ohm test head is available for all crystals in the 10 KHz to 300 KHz range


SMD Test Head

  • Measurement heads for surface mount devices contain a removable part adapter
  • SMDs are placed in part adapter and held against two contacts by a spring loaded arm that swings over the part and holds it in place
  • SMD part adapters are available in different sized sockets to accommodate surface mount devices of varying sizes, including 2.0x1.6 mm to 5x7 mm, HC-49SMD, and custom packages

Blank Test Head

  • Fixtures available for plated and raw blanks


Crystal Sensor Test Head

  • SMB connection to user supplied crystal sensor
  • One side of crystal sensor is connected to RF ground