Gallium Nitride Wafers

Gallium Nitride WaferGallium nitride (GaN) wafers are manufactured from truly bulk material grown by a highly developed ammonothermal process, and are commonly used in laser, LED and transistor products.

Our products are characterized by a perfect crystalline quality. Technological breakthroughs in growth technology have resulted in the production of up to 2-inch diameter high quality bulk c-plane GaN substrates as well as non-polar M-plane, A-plane and semi-polar GaN wafers. These substrates are intended for use in the production of light emitting diodes (LEDs), optoelectronics devices such as green and blue lasers, and high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs).

The substrates are strain free, their crystal lattice is extremely flat and their dislocation density is two orders of magnitude lower than that produced using other technologies. The perfect quality of our GaN is also emphasized by a very high electrical carrier concentration. Leading to a substantial reduction of energy consumption, these products are seen as enablers for breakthroughs in high-power electronic and solid state lighting.

Gallium Nitride Specification

n-type p-type Semi-insulating
n [cm-3] up to 1019 - -
p [cm-3] - up to 1018 -
p [cm-3] 10-3-10-2 102-103 109-1012
μ [cm2/Vs] up to 150 - -
Total Thickness Variation (TTV)/µm <40 <40 <40
Bow/µm <10 <10 <10
FWHM [arcsec] of X-ray rocking curve, epi-ready surface, at 100 μm x 100 μm slit <20
Dislocation Density [cm-2] <105
Misorientation/deg On demand
Surface Finish As cut / ground
Roughly polished
Optically polished (RMS < 3 nm)
Epi-ready (RMS < 0.5 nm)

Advantages of this Specification

Smaller Curvature Fewer Dislocations More Electrical Carriers
Lasers Higher Yields Lower threshold voltage Higher power
LEDs Better efficiency (IQE)
Transistors Lower leakage current Higher power

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