W-920A SMD Oscillator Pallet Test System

  • Automated testing of SMD oscillators held in two flip pallets
  • Uses S&A 280B Oscillator Analyzer for fast and accurate oscillator measurements
  • Over 25 different oscillator parameters can be measured including waveform, linearity and start up time
  • Failures are binned into 1 of 4 bins
  • Generates and prints statistical and distribution data using Crystal ReportsĀ®
  • Dual pallet tables for easy pallet removal while running or for orientation (optional)


Typical Throughput: 2 seconds per part
250B Frequency Range: 10 KHz to 1 GHz
Oscilloscope Analog Bandwidth: 600 MHz (rise time 1% error at 5 nsec)
Oscillator X10 Probe Bandwidth: 1 KHz to 850 MHz (2.5 K Ohm Max Impedance)
Oscillator X50 Probe Bandwidth: 1 KHz to 500 MHz (12.5 K Ohm Max Impedance)