4220MR Mechanical Refrigeration Chamber for Parametric Testing


Stability: ± 0.1° C including effects of line voltage, ambient temperature and aging
Uniformity: ± 0.2° C component area
Temperature Range: -55° C to +150° C (+200° C max. temperature optional)
Rate Change: See figures 1A and 1B
Energy Use: 6-7 KVA typical depending on temperature
Specifications are valid for the chamber equipped with a four inch high cover, a component support wheel and a dual row crystal test wheel installed.
Coolant: Water Cooled Mechanical refrigeration:
More energy efficient, improved reliability, lower heat load in working environment (Air cooled refrigeration unit optional.)
LN2 or CO2 : Coolant boost options available
Programmable Keyboard: Programmable keyboard allows temperature to be set, stepped (at user-defined increments), slewed (at user-defined rates) and cycled
Remote Operation: Chambers may be remotely controlled via IEEE bus or RS232C port
Flexible Tooling: Can be easily customized for testing needs

Chamber cover removed exposing rotating fixture. Test heads may be fixtured from 2 to 48 contacts. Up to 254 parts may be tested in one chamber (depending upon components tested).