Sapphire Wafers

Sapphire wafersRoditi is a key supplier of sapphire substrates for photoelectronic applications, including the high brightness LED market.

The material is grown and orientated, and substrates are fabricated and polished to an extremely smooth damage free Epi-Ready surface on one or both sides of the wafer.  A variety of wafer orientations and sizes up to 6" diameter are available.

A-Plane sapphire substrates - are usually used for hybrid microelectronic applications requiring a uniform dielectric constant and highly insulating characteristics.

C-Plane substrates - tend to be used for lll-V and ll-Vl compounds, such as GaN, for bright blue and green LED and laser diodes.

R-Plane substrates - these are preferred for the hetero-epitaxial deposition of silicon used in microelectronic IC applications.