Silicon Windows (Si)

Silicon material's low density and cost in addition to high transmission from 1.2 - 7┬Ám make it popular for IR and visible systems where component weight is a factor.

Silicon's properties offer a wide range of uses from lenses and windows in infrared imaging systems to components in material testing instruments, and its high thermal conductivity make it an ideal substrate for mirrors and laser polarisers.

Roditi's optical Silicon material is single-crystal optical quality, fabricated to order.

Substance Form Diameter Range Thickness Range Transmission Range (µm) Surface Finish
Silicon Single Crystal 5mm - 200mm 3mm - 50mm 1.2 - 7.00 Fine Ground / Optical Polish

Material Properties

Transmission Range 1.2 - 7.0 microns
Density 2.329 g/cm3
Refractive Index 3.4223 @ 5µm
Melting Point 1420°C
Surface Accuracy 40/20 S/D
Surface Flatness 1λ @ 632.8nm
Parallelism 1< 3 arc minutes
Material Optical Grade Silicon
Coating None
Knopp Hardness 1150