Bulk Wave Blanks

Quartz Single crystal bulkwave blanks for frequency control and filter applications

Quartz Crystal bulkwave blanks provide the beating heart for many of today´s sophisticated electronic circuits. The highly stable oscillation is the foundation for numerous time and frequency applications where accuracy is paramount. From our, now ubiquitous, mobile phone to the less prolific space probes you will find a quartz crystal blank oscillating endlessly providing the complex timing required to organise, control and regulate the multitude of electronic pulses in most electronic devices.

The bulkwave produced by a quartz crystal blank is so stable and their cost of production so low that the future requirement for the modest quartz crystal blank is secure for some considerable time to come.

Of course, the quality of the quartz and its delicate fabrication is of supreme importance in determining the stability of the quartz crystal´s bulkwave.  At Roditi, we have all parameters impacting on the quality under control, from careful selection and approval of the raw quartz bars to process control and final inspection by means of industry standard equipments.

We supply quartz crystal blanks in all standard formats: round, square, SMD, strip, plano-plano, contoured, lapped and polished, with the following representing an overview of our core production:

Material: Pure Z or Y bar
Q Value: 1.8 to 3.2x106
Etch Channel Density: max 30 / cm², max 100 / cm², max 300 / cm²
Surface Finish: # 1000, # 20000, # 3000, # 4000 and polished to less than 1 light-band across 80% central area.
  Etched finished also available.
Cut Types: AT, BT, SC, IT.
Frequency Range: 1 Mhz to 50 Mhz for AT - Cut fundamental.
Round Blanks: 3.0 mm ~ 8.0 mm, angle tolerance > ± 7.5", frequency < 50 Mhz.
    Surface: lapped, etched, polished and bevelled.
Round Blanks: 8.0 mm ~ 22 mm, angle tolerance > ± 30", frequency < 25 Mhz.
    Surface: lapped, etched and polished.
Square Blanks: 1.8 mm x 1.8 mm, angle tolerance > ± 30", frequency < 45 Mhz.
    Surface: lapped, etched and polished.
Strip Blanks: Most sizes available, angle tolerance > ± 7.5", frequency < 45 Mhz.
    Surface: lapped, etched, polished and bevel.
SC and IT Cut Blanks: diameter 4.5 mm ~ 10 mm, angle φ > ± 3', θ > ± 30", frequency 4 ~ 25 Mhz.
    Surface: lapped, etched, polished and bevel.
Flat Size: as per individual request perpendicular to X axis within ± 1 ~ 10'
Capacity: up to 10 million pcs per month total.