Pure Z Quartz For Mechanical Processing

Typical specifications for as grown single crystal cultured quartz material grown on a Z plate seed.

These crystals are suitable for lumbering into multiple bars for AT-cut blanks or for lumbering into single pure-Z bars for further fabrication using mechanical wafer processing techniques.

Quartz As Grown Section Drawing
Section Drawing

Typical Specifications

Mechanical Characteristics

Description Units Typical Values Tolerance
Zeff mm 22 or 38 ±4
Distribution of Zeff Customer specified
X mm Xseed +15 ±2
Y mm 165,175, or 200 ±3
Centricity of seed [Z1 - Z2] mm 1.0 maximum
Z taper in useful volume [Zmax - Zmin] mm 1.5 maximum
A mm >Xseed
Cracks in useful volume count none
Condition of -X-surface qualitative smooth

Material Characteristics

Description Units Typical Values Tolerance
Handedness Right
Twins in useful volume Count None
Infrared a (3500cm-1) α - units Grade B: 0.045 maximum
  Grade C: 0.060 maximum
  Grade II Grade I
Inclusions (diameter) 25-75 µm cm³ 5 4 maximum
  4 75-100 µm cm³ 4 2 maximum
  >lOO µm cm³ 3 2 maximum
Etch channels cm² Grade 4: 300 maximum
Filaments qualitative 150 maximum

Seed Characteristics

Description Units Typical Values Tolerance
Xseed mm 39.0, 54.0, or 65.0 -0.0 +0.5
Z mm 2.0 -0.5 +0.2
Orientation of Z-surfaces @ X-axis arc minutes 0 ±15
Orientation of Z-surfaces @ Y-axis arc minutes 0 ±30
Orientation of X-surfaces @ Z-axis arc minutes 0 ±15
End chamfer [Xseed - Xseed min] mm 2.0 maximum

Marking Requirements

Location -X surface
Information Batch, supplier identification, and orientation (Z-surfaces around X-axis)
Method Ink Stamp

Packaging Requirements

  • Bars are classified into 1 mm groups based on Zeff Each carton contains only bars within one size group.
  • Bars are packed in individual cells within double wall cardboard boxes containing approximately 25 kg.
  • The size group and batches contained are marked on the exterior of the carton.
  • Cartons are appropriately marked for export purposes and firmly affixed to wooden pallets suitable for sea shipment.


International Electrotechnical Commission Standard, CEI/IEC 758, Second edition, 1993-04.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Standard on Piezoelectricity, ANSI/IEEE Std. 176-1 987.